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Mark Ellis

Music Producer and Engineer

Above Earth SOUNDS

Mark Ellis is an adventurous music producer and recording engineer with a love for many genres of music. Originating from the Island of Jamaica, Mark now resides in the city of Yonkers, New York, five miles from the Bronx, famously known as the birthplace of hip-hop. He is fully immersed in the booming beats of reggae, the rhythmic beat of hip-hop, and the endless energy of New York. With this comes his creativity in creating beats and vibes that entertain and stimulate all five senses. At Above Earth Sounds, Mark executes his mastery in music production that is detonated by his musical diversity, degree in Music Production earned at LA Film School, and endless passion to elevate. His fans are the ultimate beneficiaries of his skillfulness.


The source of his inspiration is varied. 50 Cent, Ja Rule, and Snoop are a few of his all-time favorite rappers who influenced his melodic taste and style. Alvin Slaughter is recognized by him as the greatest Gospel singer for his soulful voice and lyrical mastery. But how does he combine gospel and the worldly sounds of hip-hop? "The messages in my songs are the key," says Mark. Clean, uplifting, and joyful lyrics mated with the phenomenal rhythmic beats of hip-hop and reggae are the hallmark of his production. In his song, “No Other Love’” Mark encourages all the prodigals to get back to sanity and return to the Father through the rhythmic medium of a culturally familiar beat that is different from preaching at the pulpit. He proves that the gospel message can be tailored to become “all things to all men” and that entertainment can be clean and uplifting. Stay tuned for his next move - his next beat!


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